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Ed Rabel, Narrator

The rich, commanding voice of Ed Rabel has shared some of the biggest news events with the world. Now it has told the story of West Virginia´s Capitols.

The Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist did the narration for "A Moving Monument: The West Virginia State Capitol." His authoritative, mature delivery gives the documentary instant credibility. Ed's distinctive style makes the video a joy to be seen and heard.

With reporting experience that spans three decades of world-shaping events, the West Virginia native continues to work as a highly respected strategic communications counselor.

In 2003, he was in Baghdad, working closely with U.S. officials and the new Iraqi leadership to establish the foundation for a free press in that country. Ed trained and evaluated Iraqi journalists and provided counsel on how to establish and manage a television news entity in Baghdad free of government control and censorship.

Journalistically, Ed is recognized for his work with both NBC News and CBS News. He was the Pentagon correspondent for NBC News from 1993 to 1997 and then served as the network's Cuba expert until 1998. In his tenure at NBC, which began in 1985, he was the first to report on Israel's illegal transfer of U.S. missile technology to China and brought viewers exclusive coverage of the U.S. government's closely guarded Nuclear Emergency Search Team project.

Ed was awarded a News and Documentary Emmy Award twice for his work on "CBS Evening News" and "CBS Reports." Additionally, he is a three-time Emmy nominee for his work on "CBS Sunday Morning."

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